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Happy Halloween


“Vegas is getting her brand from Blade?” Kat questions me as she wipes down the bar, dressed in her cheerleader uniform that Vegas and I have assigned for our group for this year’s Halloween party. Kat makes the gothic cheerleader look fucking hot.

“Vegas is getting her Ol’ Lady brand as we speak. She said to go ahead and use the old garage shop tonight. She wants a full report later.”

“How are we getting him back to the shop without him figuring it out and us getting shot?” Jenn has a very valid point. These men do pack guns and knives.

“How do you think?” Kat grins at us both. “Sex. They’ll drop everything, including their guns, for sex. You two set up and I’ll get Tank out there in about ten minutes.”

Nodding with shit eating grins on our faces, Jenn and I walk out of the bar, leaving the customers with Solo and Pawn. Voices mumble in the darkness as we tiptoe over to the corner of the outside building. Intently, and as quietly as possible, we eavesdrop, perking our ears in that direction.

Corazon, how are you?” Cuervo’s deep baritone echoes as his feet shuffle in the grovel. I can’t hear the response from who he’s talking to, other than the fact that it’s a female. Silently, I curse not being able to hear who is out there with him. A hand lands on my back and I jump in panic, hitting my elbow against the wall.

The woman runs off into the darkness and I duck back just as Cuervo points his knife into my face.

“What the fuck are you two doing out here in the dark?” He growls at me, his voice steady and with a warning in his tone.

“Dana and I needed to check that the power was off in the garage. I tripped in the dark and landed on Dana and she hit the wall,” Jenn jumps in to explain.

“Get the fuck on then.” Cuervo stashes his knife back into its leather holster that’s hanging off his belt. He takes a smoke out of his cut pocket and lights it up, eyeing us wearily.

Jenn and I stutter step around Cuervo and take off running toward the garage. We turn around and peer into the darkness, but all we can see is the red end of Cuervo’s cigarette lighting up into the blackness.

As soon as the door to the garage is shut, I pull out my phone and send out a text. My heart pounds with adrenaline and excitement as my fingers fly over the letters.

Me: At location and ready

UNKNOWN: Target is on the move

“Shit! Move, Jenn, set up!” I whisper shout.

Jenn turns into the dark and stubs her toe on something. She starts walking into the room, hobbling and cursing. “Son of a fucking whore! That hurt!”

Laughing, I hide around the wall and grab my mask to place it onto my face, then pull a black long cloak around my body. I stand and wait as I anticipate the arrival of our victim.



“Hey, honey, you want another beer?” Tank sits and glares at me from the opposite end of the bar as I talk to the man across from me. Played right into my hands.

“I want more than that,” the stranger responds and I wink back. I get his beer from the fridge and exchange it for money over the bar. My hips sway a little more as I walk over to the cash register and place the change inside. Two strong hands grip my waist and I feel his fingers digging into me.

“What are you playing at, K-love?” Tank’s words whisper across my neck.

Closing my eyes, I push away the heat that spreads over my body whenever Tank is close by, and keep my eyes on the prize.

“Nothing, Tank. I don’t play around.” I shrug from his grip and gain some distance, then walk back to the stranger to hand his change back, leaning my body further over the bar top way more than necessary.

“Kat,” Tank growls from behind me.

Turning around, I place both hands on my hips and glare at him. “What?”

What?” He repeats in annoyance. “What was that?” He points at the man. The stranger quickly gets up from the bar stool and moves away from the bar and the whole scene we’re making. I can’t blame him though. Tank is a big guy and mean as fuck when he needs to be.

“Knock the shit off, Tank, I’m not a claimed Ol’ Lady.” I whip the words out and push past him out from the bar area, through office and outside where I need him. Tank’s heavy feet pound into the ground behind me as he slams the office door shut. “Why are you playing around with that douche in the bar for, Kat?” He bellows, catching up to me.

I stop abruptly, causing Tank to run into my body. His hands grip my waist to keep me from falling forward. “K-love, what do I have to do?” He quietly asks of me and my heart splinters for a second. But I shut it down and turn into him, then plaster my lips to his for a salacious kiss.

Tank’s hands slide down my waist, reaching my ass and gripping cheeks. He then pulls my body into his. He nips my lips with his teeth as he savagely takes my mouth. My feet step back and his follow as I lead him to the garage doors. My back hits the wall and my hand searches for the door knob all while he grinds his rock hard dick into me when my other hand finds his gun. I grab it and toss it to the ground. Finding the door handle, I yank it open and Tank eagerly follows me inside, our lips never breaking their connection.

An agonizing moan and slight movement coming from the floor distracts us from the hot as fuck kiss. Tank rips his lips away from from mine. Looking into the pitch dark room, he grows frustrated and grabs his phone to use the light from the screen to see. The light catches a pair of women’s boots on the floor.



“FUCK!” My heart hammers in my chest as I recognize Jenn’s boots on the floor. I run over to her to find that she has blood coated on her stomach and drizzling down from her mouth. “Jenn, I yell. “What happened?” She moans in response and turns her head away from me, not fully responsive. I shrug off my cut and pull off my shirt to help stop the bleeding. My hands grip my phone to call Spider. The line has been disconnected. What the fuck is going on?

The sound of a scuffle behind me startles me, and I drop my phone. Someone larger than Kat has his hand wrapped around her mouth and drags her away into the darkness as she kicks and screams. Panic and fear laces my blood cold and stops my heart as a get up. A menacing laugh comes from my left. Whipping my head in the direction of the sound, I go to reach for my gun.

Goddamnit, I can't find it! I anxiously tap my body, hoping I stashed it somewhere. The dark creature comes forward, whimsically swaying from side to side with every step and dragging its feet in the dirt. My mind is all over the place now, not knowing where to go first. Who do I save first?! I charge, getting closer, steps away, when a light beams over the face of the creature. The ugly potholed faced man screeches and I yell. “Ahh, what the fuck is wrong with your face!”

Maniacal laughter erupts from the ugly little fucker. The lights flip on and soft small hands lift the mask.

Dana! It’s Dana! “Trick or treat, motherfucker.”

The lights switch back off and Dana yelps and jumps into me, hiding into my body. Jenn pops up from the floor, “What the fuck! Who turned off the lights this time?” She and Dana huddle together behind me. My eyes try to focus in the dark, but I can't see anything. Guiding them, I move us to the door.

The door flies open before we reach the handle and lights flick back on. The girls screech in my ears with their high pitched fear.

“Quit fucking around, pinche ninos.” And, this time, Cuervo laughs as he walks away, flipping his machete into the air and catching it, whistling the theme song to Nightmare on Elm Street.

Outside of the garage stands Kat next to a grinning Spider, the both of them holding their laughter back at Cuervo. Spider taps on his phone making the lights flicker on and off in the garage.

Trick or treat, motherfuckers.

(C) Scarlett Black 2018

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