My first first MC series is based out of Reno, Nevada, where the Battle Born MC brothers call home. Nevada has been known as the "Battle Born State" because the state gained its statehood during the Civil War. If you lived here, like I do, you would know the pride that title carries among the people who live here. My hope is that I can bring you an MC series filled with strong characters and intriguing story lines fit for the Battle Born title.


Book 1, Betting on Forever, was published August 6, 2018. The story follows Blade and Vegas, two equally strong and independent people. She holds her heart and cards close, unsure if Blade is worth the bet of a lifetime. Blade didn't know what he needed until he needed her. Neither of them was betting on forever, but forever may be just what they get.

Are you Battle Born?

Betting on Forever (1).jpg
Betting on Forever (Battle Born MC #1)


Neither of them was betting on forever, but forever in love may be just what they get.

When two lonely hearts meet, the collision instantly sparks fire and desire back into their lives and future. Problem is, he has a club to save and she doesn’t trust easily.

Blade has everything on the line with his new club and no desire for an Ol’ lady. When challenges arise, and he doesn’t know who he can trust. Loneliness starts creeping in on the Prez. He finds that he can’t stay away from the fiery woman who heats up his fantasies.

Alessia is determined to keep her ground and protect herself and her heart.  Early in life, she was thrown a curveball. Her pride won’t allow room for failure or a man.  Will she take the biggest bet of her life with Blade and trust love again?

Nothing Lasts Forever.jpg
Nothing Lasts Forever (Battle Born MC #2) 


Nothing in life lasts forever, but forever in love is just what they might get.

Axl’s world is shattered right before his eyes and he risks losing everything- the MC he loves and the woman he’s already claimed.

Living a life free of worries has never been an issue for him. He’s partied and lived fast with the best of them. When faced with life altering changes, he must choose between the beast he’s turned into or find a way back to learn who he is again.

Dana has always been the heart of her girls and family. If her past has taught her anything, it’s that, eventually, those you love will always leave you. Can she have faith that, even though mistakes are made and people change, love will bring them back to her?


Living For Forever (Battle Born MC #3)

If love is their sin, then together they lie, bound to one another, their love living for forever.

The girl who walks this earth as a ghost of her circumstance must find her redemption to come back to the living. A new beginning will happen, but someone will have to pay in blood to get it.

Years of pain and crippling memories have left Jenn fighting through life to overcome a tragic past. Until they come back to destroy her and to take what they want. Can she bury the pain in lies to save those that she loves? Or will the lies destroy her in the long run?

James wanted one thing when he moved to Reno, a fresh start.  Never did he imagine that he would join an MC, but the brotherhood called to him. They had a loving start to a now tormented present. Will he get what he needs and save the woman that he loves?

Always & Forever (Battle Born MC # 4)
Tami &... well, you will have to read to find out who she picks...

Timing is everything.

Can I have the kind of love that would last for always and forever?

Now that I am ready, I don’t know who the right man for me is.

I crave a love that soars high, beyond this earth.

A love that will steal my heart and innocence.

The craving to be claimed and taken as one man’s woman is my dream.

Both of them wanting me at the same time feels like a ticking time bomb that’s waiting to go off. A bomb that can destroy one, or all of us. Passion that will unlock secrets and set us down to the path for our future.

Timing is everything for love to last always and forever.

Escaping from Forever (Battle Born MC # 5)
Tank & Kat's story is COMING SOON 2019

What can possibly be worse than death? Being trapped and living a lie.

Blinded by the life you’ve lived until it could possibly be too late to fight for your future.

Katherine was raised to be stronger than the men around her. Somewhere along the way, she started drifting. Not anymore, and over her dead cold body.

Tank has everything he can ever want. Money and an endless supply of women and fun. Until one woman gives him a night that he can never forget, and her essence can no longer be ignored. But can he save her?

After the dust settles, will there be a relationship to save?

Some wars are won by sacrificing the Queen.

Fighting for Forever (Battle Born MC #6)
Tank & Kat's story PART 2

She wasn’t supposed to leave me.

In fact, she promised me her heart and forever.

That is, until she left me, and everything went dark.

I lost myself, the Road Captain, and I always know which road to take.

Not this time, not after losing her and my faith in the MC.

With only pieces of her that are left behind, the secrets began to surface.

I’m left alone and fighting against the truth and the past.

Will I find what is real and why she left me in the dark?



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