Money is missing and stakes are running high. Under pressure to deliver answers, the Battle Born MC take over the Reno territory while their enemies lurk in the shadows seeking vengeance. The brothers learn what the older club members did before them wasn’t so easy. 

Settle in for a wild ride as the brothers take down the traitors while claiming the strong women who distract them. When sparks fly and desire burns hot, truths are revealed and their pasts become entwined as they all embark on a blood thirsty hunt for retribution. 

Loyalty will be tested, family will be strengthened, love will be found, and alliances will be earned as blood is spilt.


Do you have what it takes? Are you Battle Born?

Are you Battle Born?

Reno Chapter

Betting on Forever eBook (1).jpg
Betting on Forever (Battle Born MC #1)

Blade's  Story


Burned... like tires smoking on the street. That’s how Alessia’s last relationship left her. Vowing never again to trust a man with her heart, she moved to Reno in search of a fresh start.

Little did she know, everything would change with the rumble of an engine.

Into her bar sauntered a dark and sexy biker by the name of Blade, with club politics on his mind and the MC in his heart. Under pressure to deliver answers, retribution, and the money he’s looking for, the last thing the new Prez had time for was the sizzling chemistry between him and Alessia. But it would take a stronger man than him to resist the desire for the alluringly fiery woman.

When sparks fly and desire burns hot, will Alessia take the biggest risk of her life with Blade and bet on forever?

Nothing Lasts Forever eBook.jpg
Nothing Lasts Forever (Battle Born MC #2)   Axl's Story


Axl’s world is skidding out of control, threatening to rip the MC he’s pledged to, and the woman he loves, away from him. Reeling from unexpected life shattering changes, he pushed away all those that care about him and is now speeding headlong down a path of self-destruction.

Dana barely recognizes the cruel man that Axl has become. Her own insecurities surface and have her convinced she’s already lost him. After all, if the past has taught her anything, it’s that everything she loves, she loses.

 But when Axl’s fast living results in an accidental death, he must turn to the club and Dana for help before he finds himself in cuffs. Can love save the struggling VP from himself? Or will the mistakes he’s made land him behind bars?

Living For Forever (Battle Born MC #3)
Saint's Story


For the good of the MC, and the man she loves, Jenn thought she could keep what happened to her a secret. Little did she know that vile truth would spread through her veins like poison, crippling her with pain and haunting memories.

James thought he found his true north in Jenn, the centering peace from the ugliness of his past. Which made it far more confusing when she skipped town without so much as a goodbye. He was struggling to move on without her, when he learned she attempted drastic measures to free herself from an anguish she had suffered in silence.

When Jenn’s truth is revealed, someone will pay the price of their sin with their life. Reunited with James, she finds their pasts entwined more than ever as they embark on a hunt for blood thirsty retribution. Can the couple fight their way back to the happiness they once knew? Or will their need for payback destroy them?

Always & Forever (Battle Born MC # 4)
Tami &... well, you will have to read to find out who she picks...

It started as a simple love triangle, with Tami struggling to decide between the calm nurturing Solo offered, or the hot recklessness of Pawn. But having best friends fighting over her begins to feel like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Passions run high and soon unlock one of their secrets that was better off hidden. Setting them all on a course that will alter their lives forever.

As enemies plot against the MC, can the trio put their feelings aside long enough to save one of their own? Or will the resentment brewing between them be the spark that ignites their destruction?

Escaping from Forever (Battle Born MC # 5)
Tank & Kat's story PART 1

Some wars are won by sacrificing the Queen.

Life demanded Katherine become stronger than the men around her, all of whom were willing to use her as a pawn in their deceptive games. They robbed her of her will and silenced her voice until she reached her breaking point and broke free. It would be over her dead body before she would ever allow herself to be dragged back into that toxic existence.

Tank thought he was living his best life. What more could he want than stacks of cash and an endless supply of women? One night with Kat is all it takes to introduce him to the passionate connection he’s been missing, and leave him aching for more.

But when Kat’s past catches up with her, it comes with the startlingly revelation of just how far the cartel will go to destroy the MC. Desperate not to return to the life she left behind, Kat concocts a dangerous plan with fatal risks. Can Tank get there in time to stop her? Or will their relationship be yet another casualty in the brewing war?

Fighting for Forever (Battle Born MC #6)
Tank & Kat's story PART 2

Tank is shattered.

He lost the woman he loves and faith in his own MC. Together, they schemed behind his back and hid the truth from him. Even when all Kat’s secrets are revealed, he wrestles with forgiveness and wonders if he will ever be able to trust her again.

The Black Widow.

That’s the title Kat earned as she killed to survive after fleeing Mexico. Be that as it may, if she wants the MC’s help to bringing down the cartel her only choice is to overcome her distrust in men.

Can Kat learn to let go and trust her feelings for Tank? Or will the past she can’t escape destroy her and the MC?

Loving you Forever eBook.jpg
Loving You Forever (Battle Born MC #7)
Pawn's  story 

Locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, Pawn spent every one of his days on the inside fighting to survive. All that got him through was counting the minutes until he could hold his son for the first time. Can Pawn beat his own demons and addictions to become the father his baby needs?

Tami’s heart is broken. Following Solo’s death, she doubts she will ever be loved again. First, she must find her own voice and gain the courage to be alone.

But when mistakes from Tami’s past hunt her down, she learns a harsh lesson about trifling with thieves. Proving his feelings for her never diminished, Pawn rushes in to protect her. Will he sacrifice himself to save his family? Or stand tall as the hero he never thought he could be?

Claiming His Forever title graphics blac

Claiming His Forever (Battle Born MC #8)

Spider's story



What Jazz doesn’t realize is that I laid my mark on her and claimed her to calm the beast inside... 

                       - Spider

Sacramento Chapter



(Battle Born MC, Sacramento Chapter)

Snake's story



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