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Chapter 1 Reveal


They say I’m a fucking bastard. I’m not. There are reasons I am the way I am. Cold hard fucking truths about life have made the dick most see me as. Fuck them and fuck you if you believe them. You probably should though, I will take your life for any reason that I see fit. I am the Prez of the Royal Bastards MC, Elko chapter.

It’s time to get lost in the haze of the hours that swirl by. Blowing out the long drag of bud from my lungs, I smirk at Tina, the blonde-haired biker bitch who rides my dick at my will. Her hair swings wide to the right. She is as broken as me. It is what makes us work. Tina is a showcase of dark desires, wearing nothing from head to toe.

My fingers tangle into the silky strands of her hair. Tina bites her lip and pulls her body to mine, straddling my lap. Nothing is left to the imagination with her pink pussy on full display for me. I lick up her neck in one long line to her chin. She breathes out a moan of satisfaction. She grinds her pussy over my jeans while her hands push my cut as far back as possible. No bitch is allowed to touch the cut. “You know the rules,” I snarl at the cunt. Gone is her chance to have the happy ending I’m getting.

Abruptly, I stand and carry her over to the pool table, dropping her on her ass as a ball is hit and skids past, barely missing her. The balls scatter around her body and she becomes part of the game. I pull my zipper down just enough to get my dick out. If she is hurt and stops me from getting what I want, I’ll drop the motherfucker stupid enough to take that shot.

Pulling a condom out of my pants, I rip it open with my teeth before sheathing my steel cock. My nails dig into her thighs, pulling Tina to me. Her hands are behind her back, making her arch her pierced tits toward me.

In one thrust, I bury myself in her balls deep. I take everything from her body. Every piece becomes mine. I feed off her excitement, the lust that oozes from her pores. Biting down on her nipple, I gradually ease away, dragging my teeth along her flesh until I meet metal, my tongue swirling around the bud. She groans and rocks her hips, wanting more and expecting it. With a quick bite, I release the pain and rain down all I can, pounding into her body with mine. It’s not enough. I crave more. I need to see the flash of pain in her eyes. Instead of holding onto her, I grip the edge of the pool table.

The ball cracks and drops into a pocket in the background, but I am too far gone. I need the release, the view of something else, a reprieve from the ugliness inside. The demons chase me. Endless faces of the dead. Men I have killed. Brothers I have buried. All their faces never-ending and always with me. I hammer my cock into her with a force that would make most women cry. She holds herself up, because if she doesn’t, we’ll never fuck again. Tina winces when I bring my weight down onto her with my next thrust. Her eyes dilate and the adrenaline to survive floods her bloodstream. I want it. If I could drink it from her body, I would.

The last shot is taken and the ball comes barreling from the opposite end of the pool table toward her hand. My hand darts out and I take her by her neck. Choking her with my grip, I pull her toward me just in time. Tina chokes on air, gasping for life. My dick twitches before I come. I don’t let go of her neck for as long as I can before it is too much for her. Her hand, at least, was saved from a broken finger.

My hold loosens and her lungs fight for air, inflating as fast as she can gather life back into them. A tear leaks out of the corner of her eye. I can’t stop myself from taking it into my mouth with a swipe of my tongue. Tina holds on tight, not only to me but to the life she just seen flash before her eyes.

Pulling out, I tuck myself away and zip up. Leaving her where she’s at, I stomp around the table to the stupid fuck who almost hurt her. Chains knows what’s coming and braces himself for my fist that flies for his face. If you have punched a person before, you know it hurts. Every bone in my hand protests with the blow I deliver to his cheekbone. His head snaps back, but he stays on his feet.

Had he fallen, Chains would find out what my boot tastes like. Done for the night, I head off to my room frustrated. The same shit, just a different day. Something needs to change and soon, before killing becomes a pastime to break up the boredom. Over thirty years, I’ve chased ass, drugs, and cash. It’s been a train wreck of chaos, losing its luster after all these years. I still have a lot of life left. It’s time for something new— I just don’t know what that is yet.

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🔥🔥boy do I want to find out what that something new will be to change things for him!!

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