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My hands roam over her skin as I lead her over to the bed to lay her down. When I bend over, I kiss across her heart for a moment. She freezes but her breathing gives away the rawness of her feelings. With a light touch, I spread her legs wide and sit between them, resting them on either side of my body. I caress her breasts while my lips taste her salty sweet skin, down to her stomach.

“I don’t understand this, Tank,” she confesses quietly into the dark. “How do you do this to me?”

I don’t answer, not knowing the answers myself, and follow my path down her body until I reach her pussy. My hands hold her hips and my tongue takes a sensual lick of a long lost home, my woman. Sweetly and slowly, I build her up with tender licks and sucks until she is panting desperately for more.

Pushing my tongue more firmly against her clit, she lets go of a moan that sounds like a love song to my heart. I keep the pressure until she grinds her hips even harder against my face. I give her what she wants and add two fingers into her cunt, pumping them in and out until she is screaming my name as she’s squeezing my fingers.

Before she comes down all the way, I rip the shirt away from my body and pull out the condom from my wallet. I push my pants down like an eager kid and wrap up my dick like an expert. I hover over her before plunging inside her hot and ready cunt, and love the shit out of it with every thrust.

Kat wraps her legs up and around my waist. Her hands roam through my beard and her eyes memorize my body. “You’re not going anywhere, Kat, you’re not leaving me again.” She wants to believe me, but she can’t lie to me. I see the secrets swirling around in her eyes.

Her legs tighten when I pick up my pace, and my eyes close when I come from the contractions of her pussy squeezing my dick. I drop on top of her and cradle her body to mine.

My lips capture hers before I answer her question from before. “I don’t understand how, but I know who you are to me, and you do the same to me. You make my heart beat alive just with your presence. That’s what you do to me.”

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