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Merry Christmas BATTLE BORN MC


“These little fuckin’ assholes are into the gifts, Vegas!” Tank stares down the two most hated but also loved honorary members of the Battle Born MC, Cortez, or Tez, and Easton. The four-year-old boys circle around their opponent looking for an opening to attack. It’s Christmas Eve at the Battle Born MC Clubhouse and the club is packed with members and their families.

I sit far off in the corner of the room with my father, Stryker, and mom, Moxie. We watch Tank trying to wrangle in the twins into submission. Vegas always lets those two little shits get away with anything. Going back years ago to when she lost our first baby, I think she loves these boys fearlessly and blindly because of that day. They get anything they want out of her because of it. Vegas’ eyes move toward an irate Tank and she rolls her eyes slightly, then continues talking with Dana. She holds our baby girl, Alex, in her arms and ignores the commotion behind her.

Dana’s eyes bug out when the twins start circling Tank. They wear matching Mohawks and the little leather cuts I had made for them that say on the back “Battle Born & Fearless”, with a patch on the front that says, “Property of Blade.” They snarl and growl at the much larger man who’s standing in their way, eager to get to the presents that are sitting in front of the tree, taunting them. They are going crazy to get to the motorcycle trikes. It’s a toy I bought to keep them busy when I have them here with me. I knew they’d go crazy waiting, and watching them be fearless makes me so fucking proud of these little hellions.

“Back off, you little dogs,” Tank starts to step around in a circle himself, glaring at the little pack of wolf pups at his feet who are ready to attack. Easton growls and advances. “Did you just really fucking growl at me, kid?” Tank roars back and squints his eyes at him. My boy, Easton, holds his ground, bringing his claw-like little fingers up front and center, ready to fight, and growls again, showing his baby teeth. Tez takes the lead while Tank is distracted and side steps slowly, inch by inch, making his way toward the tree that’s stacked with gifts.

Dana and Kat watch in amusement as two little boys take on the biggest man in the club, outsmarting the giant. “TEZ, EASTON!” My voice startles them and stops their attack, and their small bodies go deadly still, holding their composure in action, frozen in the moment. Vegas turns her attention toward the boys and they relax immediately. Their faces soften and their bodies slouch with hurt little eyes like Daddy yelled at them for no reason. Little fucks, but hey, smart.

Vegas walks over and shoves our baby girl into Tank’s arms, taking the boys’ hands into hers and leading them over to a table where their food sits. She places them each in a chair on either side of her and they whisper softly to her, I’m sure filling her full of lies. She shakes her head at Tank and they continue their story telling to their mom. An unknowing Tank cuddles little Alex in his arms and protects her like the little baby doll that she is.


“Daddy!” my little Maddie exclaims. “Tez is in so much trouble!”

“Don’t worry about him, princess. Boys are bad.”

“No, not all boys, Daddy! You aren’t bad, are you?”

“Never bad, princess, I’m the King, and the King is perfect.”

She pokes at my face, “You are silly. I’m going to go tell Tez to be good.” She wiggles out of my hold and floats over there in her white princess dress, away from me and across the floor over to that little shit, Tez. I can’t help the growl that escapes me. Snake chuckles around a sip of his beer, “Tez has it all waiting for him, doesn’t he? Prince Charming of the Battle Born MC and his princess, Maddison, all waiting for him. Fuck, bro, that shit…”

“Aint ever gonna happen. Not with Vegas’ kid, no way,” I refuse to believe this. “A lot can happen between now and then.”

Maddy tugs at Tez’s cut and he turns and smiles at her and takes her hand. Together, they run off toward the tree to look at the presents. I’m not moving from my spot. I have my eyes on this little over confident fucker.


My phone doesn’t ring, it doesn’t ping with a notification at all. The longer I wait, the more pissed I get. Why the fuck hasn’t she called me? Fuck if I know. I play along with the group like I want to be here for Christmas, but my mind stayed back in California on other things, or on one particular person I should say.

I talk with Axl and the brothers, but my mind and actions are on auto pilot. Not really feeling the ambition or joy I should feel, right? It is the holidays and I don’t remember feeling this mind fucked over the holidays or with my thoughts, ever. I usually didn’t care one way or another where I was.

“Snake!” Tank snaps at me, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Alex wraps her tiny little arms around his bulky body and he easily holds her up with one arm while he sips his beer with the other. She lays there and her little eyes flutter until finally they give up the fight and close. “You got problems, I can tell, man. Can’t be flow, what bitch did you knock up?”

A shiver runs up my spine, the fear that is crippling me is real. “God, I hope I don’t have some random bitch knocked up. That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to me, asshole. Don’t ever say that shit again.”

“Okay...” he chuckles, “then…?” he’s not letting me off the hook.

“Listen into this story, and you tell me if you think this bitch is crazy or if it’s just me.” And I take Tank and I back to an earlier time when things were better.

Five years ago…

The boys and I run Downtown, bar hopping on New Year’s Eve. Bitches always want to get laid during the holidays. It’s like, if they can find dick, then it proves they don’t have it so bad being single. As if being tied up is a fucking reward? But they don’t call me Snake for no reason. I see the opportunities out there and I will take them before you even realize what happened, and then send you home with a smile on your face. Satisfied.

Our engines die as we park our bikes. Coyote, Hawk and few others jump off our bikes and take in our surroundings in Old Sac Town. A smoking hot woman walks in and I follow. I have a target for the night and she is it.

“So, what happened after that?” Tank asks me, but now I have the attention of Axl too.

I raise a brow, “We fucked. A lot.” Like that shit wasn’t obvious. “Come on, bro.”

“Dude, get on with the story. You fucked so good, you killed that pussy. You had her calling you ‘daddy’! Then she said ‘OHHH God!” Axl raises his voice like a bitch in heat and the room halts conversation to look at us.” Fast forward,” Axl moves his hand in a circle anxiously.

I glare at this damn dramatic asshole and wait for people to go back to minding their business. “I hadn’t seen her for years. Then I run into her, not knowing it was her.”

“Ohhh,” they both say together.

“Anyway, we were having a club party with hangers-on’s.”

One month prior….

We grab the shit needed for our party from the store and head back to the clubhouse. Coyote and I unload the beer, popcorn, chips and we walk into the Clubhouse. The party wears into the night and I’m lit of my ass, smokin’ green and putting back beers like water. A woman catches my gaze from the side of the room. There she stands with another dude who I’ve never seen, with his arm loosely around her waist. Ah. He’s not interested, but that ass of hers makes me very interested. I let the night wear on before I make my move.

She’s standing off to the side, finally alone at the bar with a few of her friends. “Hey, baby, you need a drink?”

This hot as fuck bitch turns to face me with the prettiest fucking green eyes that, somewhere deep inside of me, I swear to fuck I’ve seen before. “Why not? Thank you.” She sweetly smiles and then turns back to her friends and ignores me. What the fuck? I could’ve sworn she’d be all over my dick. Any bitch that walks through these doors wants this dick. Huh?

I signal for the prospect to hand me two more beers, and he does also pass me a joint. I stuff the blunt into my cut and pass her a beer. “Thanks, Snake.”

Stepping into her space, I whisper into her ear, “You here with anyone?” I run my nose up her neck and around her ear.

“Doesn’t matter if I was.” Her hungry eyes narrow in on my face and I feel a victory. I smirk back, and my hand runs up her arm, then pushes her hair out of the way. My lips kiss up the soft skin of her throat and my teeth nip her ear. She shudders, goose bumps covering her skin, making my dick jerk into action.

The golden goddess sets her beer down, then runs her hands up my shirt, under my cut. She pulls me as close as she can and rasps into my ear, “Take me to your room, Snake.”

“Fuck, so you fucked her again and didn’t ask for her name, did you?” Tank clucks his tongue at me, “Dick move, brother. If she’s a club girl, sure, but other than that, a second fuck gets a name.”

“No, I didn’t ask her for a name,” I rub my hands over my head in frustration. “She left a note on my nightstand.”

“What did it say?” Axl steps forward, clutching his beer to his chest.

“She wrote the date of the first night we hooked up. The only other thing was that she left her lips print on it. I haven’t been able to track her down. Until yesterday. Coyote found her.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Fuck, man, I don’t know what the fuck to do!” I fucked her twice and didn’t even know her name. “I can always beg her for another chance?” And hope to God that my charm works. All I got at this point is betting on her forgiveness.

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