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Love Letter, Blade to Vegas

Hey Baby Girl,

I’m not the best man at showing you how I feel. Fuck, writing the words down is hard. But, you deserve that and more. Time has been a flash since the first day I laid my eyes laid on you. I remember wondering who the fuck was this hot little bitch? That confidence you had made you even sexier, baby. You had me wanting more of that sass. All I wanted to do, and still want, is to slap that juicy ass that belongs to me. It took everything I had not to put my hands on you. I knew if I did, I might catch a bullet to my head. That right there, is when I knew, I was going to make you mine. While you were playing games with me, I was setting us up for forever.

Remember that night at the bar? The first party we had together, and you invited my brothers over to relax. We danced and you drank. Not much has changed since then. Every move of your body pulled me in. Every second drug me in further into your world. I never wanted to leave. What you do to me comes naturally. I claimed you on that floor. I showed the men, the world, that you were mine. You give more than you receive. I see you.

When I kissed you against the wall outside of the bar the next day, was when I lost control, and I couldn’t fight what was brewing between us. The touch of you was my undoing. There was no coming back when you wrapped your legs around me. My hands held you tight. I wanted to take it all. Steal it all. Every kiss, every moment, and every experience. All of them mine. You gave in and claimed me that day. You didn’t want to admit it then, but you know it is true.

The scariest moment was when you were hurt. We didn’t lose our baby. He came when the time was right. Easton and Cortez were meant to be together. For whatever fate has in store, they need each other. Now that our baby girl is on the way, I can’t wait to see her. I know she is going to be a force. Every man she meets will bow at her feet. Because her mother will teach her to be her. Thinking about our kids and what comes next is fucking amazing. Together, we have never lost a thing, only became stronger. There is a reason we are together. I feel it in my bones. No one can separate what we have.

You are fucking beautiful and smart. The mother of my babies. You take care of the club and made a place for yourself there. You make shit happen. Watching from my seat, it’s fucking amazing seeing you take on the world. I love being the man to stand at your side and witness the world change around us because you are in it. You can do anything, and that is fucking beautiful. Baby doll, there is no world without you in it.

Fucking love you,


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Wow! That was beautiful makes me wish there really were men like that in the real world.

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