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Chapter 3

Solo goes for it...

Chapter 3


My heart breaks a little at seeing Pawn walk through the door. If he only knew how much I’ve wanted a man to claim me, to make me his. I see it in his eyes that he wants me too. I can see the lust swirling around in his thoughts. Unfulfilled fantasies will stay like that unless he would only stay or ask. I am inexperienced, especially for my age, but he is wrong about one thing. I am ready.

I make quick work of locking the doors and turning everything off. I wash my face and get ready for bed. I snuggle into my big bed, all alone for the night, then I turn on my Kindle to read a story of bad, sexy men to keep me company. These men never fail me, ever.

After a few chapters, I drift off into a blissful, peaceful sleep. I feel relaxed, thinking about this alpha god who wants to claim his woman and will not take no for an answer. Somewhere off in my hazy consciousness, I wonder if Solo or Pawn would ever claim a woman, dirty and hard, but love her for always and forever.

“You’re cranky. I’ve never seen you this cranky. What gives, babe?” Kat asks me from the other end of the bar. We came in early to get the inventory done, and, usually, I’m not such an asshole, but today I feel it rolling off me in big waves.

“I don’t know," I say, but then change my mind. “Well, I do,” I sigh loudly and toss my rag onto the bar, completely frustrated.

Kat’s eyes widen in response. “What is it?”

“I need a man,” I say it with all the conviction I can find within me. “I want all the passion from the fighting and the sex. God, I want hot sex.” I clench my hands together at my sides and Kat watches my rant with fascination.

“I want an orgasm from a man. I want to feel alive.” I take a moment to breathe and then continue, “I read about these men who take their women and claim them. That’s what I want.” I stomp my foot and point my finger at Kat. Then deflate. “Just don’t know how to get it.”

“Wow, sweetie,” Emilia says from behind me. I turn to look at her and she walks in through the office, getting closer to us. “That’s no small order of needs, but you do deserve all of it.” She moves to grab the coffee pot and three mugs. “Come sit with me, ninas? Si?” Kat and I follow her to the table and sit down. Since I’ve been here, Emilia has been so caring and sweet. I enjoy having her around, she feels like she could have been my mom.

She pours the three of us a cup and I take a sip as she says, “Men are a little slow sometimes, honey. If you want something, especially with your background, you may have to be more aggressive.”

“My background?” What does that even mean?

“Tami, you’re a virgin,” Kat answers. “Most people lose that by the time they’re seventeen. So, a man in his twenties, if he’s a good man, is going to question claiming you because he’s already done the sweet young love and first times much younger. The older you get, the dirtier the sex can be, and they probably are hesitant to take you there.” She grabs my hand and squeezes. “Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, it does. How do I start though?” I eagerly ask them. Kat’s eyes smile at my question, but Emilia beats her to it.

“Are you dating someone now? “Emilia asks with joy.

“Well… I uh.” I stop because I don’t know how to put this situation into words.

“Well, what? What is it?” Kat urges for me to spill.

“Solo came by the bar the other night and was interested. Then Pawn came by the house and we watched a movie and kissed. Solo kissed the corner of my mouth, so we kind of kissed too. God, I’m in trouble here.” I bring my hands to cover my face and groan out loud. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Kat’s hand pulls mine down and she has a wide smile painted across her face. “Damn, girl, you hooked the pound puppies. But, babe, remember I warned you these brothers don’t share. You are going to have to pick one, and soon.”

“I agree, honey.” Emilia’s concerned eyes look over my face. “Figure that out soon, and, when you do, make your wants known and stick to them. The rest will fall into place.” She says it with all the strength of experience that I wish I had.


It is early afternoon and I’m sitting outside the bar at The Black Rose waiting for Tami to walk out. Vegas said she would kick her out and send her home for me, so I could take her on a ride. The past two days I had a quick road trip with Tank and I couldn’t wait to get back to Reno, and to Tami.

She strolls out of the bar looking at her phone and stumbles a bit at the text I just sent.

Me: Look up, I see you.

When she does just that, she looks up raising her head and a bright smile shows her perfectly white teeth. Tami finds me smiling too as I anxiously watch her.

“What are you doing?” She calls out and her steps quicken. I stand and walk to her also, pulling her into a tight hug.

“I just got back into town. You up for a ride?” I pull back a bit to ask with her while she’s still in my arms.

“Sure! I mean, I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, what do I need to know?” The excitement feels contagious and I can’t wait to get back on the road, but, this time, with her.

“You have to wear this,” I say and place a helmet I bought for her on her head and clip it on tight. “Lean forward and hold on to me until you feel more comfortable and lean with the bike. That’s about it.”

“Okay, let’s go.” She jumps from foot to foot excited to get going. As soon as I sit, she jumps on behind me. Her hands wrap around my waist and I turn the machine on. Her laughter pierces the air and I can feel her happiness seep into me. I rev the motor just for her and her body shakes with laughter and excitement.

Together, we ride up the mountain and I take her for a ride around the lake. I’m certain from what I’ve asked about her from the girls that she’s never been up here, to Lake Tahoe, and she wants adventures in her life. Tami points at certain spots and, occasionally, we get off and look and explore the city and the lake.

We grab some sandwiches and drinks from a small shop and jump back on the bike to find a spot to eat. We pull up to a beach picnic area and we get off and take our stuff with us. I find a spot, fan out the blanket and we sit down facing the water. “How was the day so far?”

“I loved it!” She exclaims. “I can’t wait for our next ride, and I love Tahoe. It’s so pretty up here,” she comments with wonder in her eyes.

“It’s very pretty,” I agree. “We’ll keep coming back and even in the winter you will love it then too.” She nods her approval eagerly and takes a bite of her sandwich. Together, we eat and start to watch the tide and the sunset. When we’re done eating, I pull her up by her hand and we walk the beach, swinging our arms back and forth. This feeling overcomes me like I’ve never felt, a surety that she will be mine.

“How old are you, Solo, oh, and how did you get your road name too?”

“I’m twenty-four. And I got my road name from Tank, he gave it to me. He also sponsored me into the club.” I stop and think back to when he found Pawn and I fighting a group of guys at a bar. “He gave it to me because I always would take off and do what needed to be done alone. Most guys always take a brother with them. He always said I could get more done solo.” I squeeze her hand and question, “I know you don’t have any family, that your mom and dad died. Do you have any brothers and sisters? Any family?”

“No. I had my mother up until she died. I spent a lot of time reading when I was little because I was left alone so much. My mom was a drug whore,” she shrugs. “My dream is to live a life like I have read in books. To see and do the things I’ve read about.” The passion in her voice tells me that she’ll settle for nothing less.

We spend the next thirty minutes walking, talking and laughing. Tami is the sweetest woman I have met, and every part of me wants to keep that for her and myself forever.

I stop, and she turns to me, her eyes questioning, what is it? I tug her body into mine and wrap my arms around her. Tami’s arms go up and over my shoulders and her fingers dig into my hair. The tide rolls in and the icy cold mountain lake water bites at our feet. Tami squeals and jumps up, wrapping her legs around my waist. “That water is freezing!”

I laugh and hold her to me, my hands holding onto her ass. She latches her legs on tighter, not wanting me to let her go, and, if I’m honest, I don’t want to let her go either. Her fingers trace my face and push my hair back. “Thank you for today, Solo, I really needed this. You’ve made me feel so alive.”

My lips crash against hers, needing her so desperately. I pull back a little, but she won’t have any of that and pulls me back with a hunger I have never seen from her. I follow her lead and kiss her back, our tongues tangling together. I start to walk the few steps back to the blanket and lay her down on her back. She doesn’t let me go far and holds me tightly between her legs.

My hands roam down her sides and over her shirt gripping her tits and she moans. She pulls her lips away from mine. “Don’t stop, God, Solo, make this beautiful memory for me.” My lips kiss down her neck and nip lightly here and there. She gasps. I keep going down to her collarbone and she pushes her breasts into my hands. I move them down to the hem of her shirt.

“Yes, please, more,” she pleads and closes her eyes.

I push her shirt and bra up, exposing her breasts to the early night air and kiss each one. My tongue travels around each nipple, caressing it. She begins to tighten her legs around me more and then rocks her hips on my dick. Now I moan and want nothing more than to connect with her that way.

“Make me come, Solo, I want that,” she’s begging for relief.

I move back up and kiss her lips as I begin to unbuckle her shorts. She nips at my lips and this time I laugh. She smiles as she digs back into the moment and the kiss. I move to the side and rest my body to the side of her on one arm. I gently pull her shorts and underwear down together. My other hand glides up the inside of her leg and I kiss and lick her tits again.

She gasps as my hand feathers over her pussy and I rub the outside gently. I lift my head a bit to look into her eyes. “You have never had a man touch you?” I pray she says no.

“No, you are the first.” Her hands clench at the grip she has on my shirt.

“Fuck, Tami, I’m going to make you come on my hand, okay?”

She grabs my head, pulling me back to her, confirming that yes, she wants me, and kisses me feverishly before saying, “Do. Not. Stop.”

My mouth goes back to licking and sucking her tits and my fingers caress her pussy. I dip my thumb lightly to her opening and then bring it up to her clit and stroke her in soft, slow circles.

“Holy shit, Solo,” she exclaims into the darkening night sky.

My middle finger gently finds her opening and I slowing push in and out of her a few times. She closes her eyes and her legs open wider for me. I stick another finger in her pussy, slowly. Her tight little pussy grips my fingers and my dick is hard as steel at the thought of taking her.

Her eyes fly open and I continue to rub her clit a little faster and with more pressure. “Yes,” she hisses. I increase the speed and, soon, her pussy comes around my finger.

“Fuck,” she pants as she’s coming down from the high. Wishing I could be there with her, I kiss her lips. I pull my fingers out and stick them into my mouth, licking them clean. This woman will not get away from me. She is mine.

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Alexandra Donadio
Alexandra Donadio
Jan 04, 2019

I like this chapter, but I feel like Tami really want to have sex, but I think she still undecided with who she really want to !!


Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers
Jan 04, 2019

Well shit again! Now I’m kinda leaning toward Solo.

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