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Chapter 2

Pawn goes for it...

Chapter 2


I toss my phone back and forth in my hand and think over and over about what I should do about Tami. Should I call her? I already asked Vegas for her number and I have it, but calling or texting doesn’t seem like enough. It’s Wednesday, so I know she’s off. I could just go find her and just pick her up. Like a surprise? I don’t know how to date girls. I never really have put the effort into it. In high school, it was all parties and fucking. Nothing has really changed since then actually.

“What the fuck are you sitting around like a bitch for? What is it?” Spider sits next to me at the bar at the club and the new prospect slides a beer over to us both.

“Thinking about what the best option is there with Tami. Should I pick her up or call her?” I run my hands over my tired face with indecision, and then through my hair, before I grab my beer and chug half of it.

“If I knew a hot young bitch was waiting around for me to take her out, do you think I would be sitting in this bar with you?” Spider lays it out here to me like I should have realized this already. “That depends though. If you just want a fuck, with her, I would say no. She’s the kind of girl you make a family with.”

“Fuck,” I jump up from the bar stool. “I guess I want to find out. I know that much.” I turn around and march down the hallway to the garage when I get a ping from my phone.

Spider: Address, dipshit. 307 S. Center St.

I hear a chuckling coming from the bar and yell back, “Thanks, bro.”

“Sure, dickhead. Go get some…” Spider yells back and I slam the door shut on the last word. I know where he’s going to go with it. Makes me wonder if Vegas or Dana texted him the address and told him to go light a fire under my ass. Wouldn’t surprise me, those women are into everything and everybody’s business.

I steer my bike onto the open road and cruise down the freeway. The hot summer rays threaten to sear my skin, but the wind cools off the burn. Thirty minutes later, I pull up outside Tami’s little blue house. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood, not far from Vegas and Dana. After parking my bike, I walk up the front porch and knock on the door.

I knock a few more times and still no answer. I pound a little harder and, finally, Tami’s tired face opens the door. “Hey, Tami, I came by to see if you wanted to go to dinner, but uh, you look pretty tired.” I can’t believe how nervous I am. Jesus, pull yourself together!

Her small hand curls around the door and she smiles at me as she rests her head on it. “Yeah, you’re right, I am pretty tired.”

“Okay, well, I’ll let you get some sleep.” I nod my head and turn to walk away before her hand lands on my forearm.

“Pawn,” she calls, and the sound of my name coming from her lips is so hot. “Come inside, we can order food. If you would like to?” She tilts her head back and opens the door wider for me to go in.

I walk inside and take in my surroundings. Her house is tiny and cozy with only a couch and T.V. in her living room. “What were you watching?” I ask and have a seat. She sits down next to me and tosses the remote at me.

“Actually, nothing. Find whatever you’d like to watch. I turned it on when I got home from work and I closed my eyes for a minute and fell asleep. My body aches all over, but my feet ache the most.”

“Why are you so exhausted? Put your feet up on my lap,” I instruct her and set the remote on the coffee table. Tami waits a moment, looking unsure if she can trust me. After a few seconds, she nods her head and raises her feet to rest them in my lap. I turn my body a bit toward her and grab one foot with both hands. My thumbs press into the bottom of her foot with long strokes up.

She sighs and starts to relax more, then scoots down a little toward me, lying on her back. “I’ve been working extra hours to save money,” she says while covering a yawn with her hand. “The Ol’ Ladies at the club have me cleaning their houses on Wednesdays.” Her head rests back, with her body against a large pillow, and she watches me with a shy smile. This girl’s body is banging and I’m doing my best not to stare. “I’ll order us some Chinese?” She looks at me waiting to agree on her choice of food.

“Yeah, babe, sounds really good.” I choke on the words because what I actually want to say is that it would be really good to peel those tight ass black pants off along with her tank.

Tami, oblivious to my thoughts, picks up her cell phone and orders us dinner. I ask her some more questions about her day and continue to rub her other foot, then gradually start up her calves.

She closes her eyes and quietly moans in pleasure. My dick jumps at the sound and my imagination goes wild with dirty thoughts, like licking her sweet little virgin pussy. Taking her body just for myself. The idea of her never being touched by another man is an intense drug I want to overdose on.

The doorbell rings and I take a deep breath, closing my eyes just for a second to clear my mind. She hops up from the couch to go grab her wallet from her purse and I groan at the sight of her ass bouncing in front of me.

Quickly, I stand up to adjust my dick before she sees the hard-on that I’m sporting for her and walk the few steps to the door. She’s still digging in her bag when I open it and pull out my wallet from my pants. The high school boy’s eyes are fixed behind me as he jabs the box of food at my chest, and I know exactly at what he’s looking.

“Thirty-five,” is all he says, and Tami has no clue that this kid is staring at her ass while she’s bending over in those pants, in front of the door. I step to the right to hide her and jab the cash in his chest, minus a tip, and the little punk takes the hint when I slam the door in his face. She hears the door shut and pops up with her wallet and a confused look to go with it.

“I got it, babe, it was my idea so dinner is on me. Let’s sit down and watch a movie?” I ask, hoping to gain some more time with her. I have no delusion that I’ll be fucking her tonight, but I can hope for other stuff, right? I don’t know if I've ever touched a virgin before.

“Thank you.” Her soft and sweet voice sounds right next to me and I turn, not realizing how close she was. She raises on her tiptoes and her tit brushes my arm. She’s not helping the stiff situation in my pants as she softly kisses my cheek. “What movies do you like?”

I snort and think porn, dirty, hardcore porn. “How about an action movie?” Is all I can think of to answer her.

She moves over to the couch and sits cross-legged to turn Netflix on. She scrolls through before finding Bounty Hunter. “This good? It has action.”

“I’ve never seen it, but it sounds good.” We situate the food on her coffee table and the movie starts. Instantly, I realize my mistake at thinking that Bounty Hunter was an action movie, but in fact a chick flick. Shit.

She starts the movie and we take turns eating from the containers while we watch. Tami chuckles and covers her mouth with one hand at the scene playing. “I love romance, and books. Do you like to read at all?” She absently asks and looks at me with her round curious eyes.

“Nah, haven’t had much time for reading, I don’t know. Do you read a lot?” I’m supposed to ask these questions, I’m sure of it. I just don’t know what else I’m supposed to do or how to keep the conversation going.

“Yes! I loved the Twilight series, then I got hooked into romance novels.” She turns back to watch the movie. I grab her hand, thankful for the silence, and lace my fingers with hers. She scoots a little closer to me and I wrap my other arm around her and run my fingers up and down her arm. This I can do. The intimate touching, the foreplay is my game.

The movie is pretty funny, and I catch myself laughing at some of the scenes here and there. My hand continues running up her arm, and I start rubbing her neck. Her head cocks to the side, resting on my shoulder. I tilt my head and smell her hair and a light hint of lavender fills my lungs. I start massaging her head with my fingers and then running them through her hair as we continue to watch. She snuggles into me further, her small, little body curling up perfectly next to mine.

Not long after, Tammi is snoring quietly in my arms. I feel a little disappointed that she isn’t awake. I guess I was hoping for so much more, but continue to watch. When the movie is over, I scoop her up into my arms and she startles awake. Her arms fly around my body to brace herself. Her eyes widen from their sleepy state and stare into mine. They look unsure but asking for so much more too. I set her in my lap and run my hands around her neck and the back of her head. Pulling her close to my face, I softly kiss her sweet lips. Her softness is so sexy, and I question myself if I’m any good for her. Do I deserve this? And pull back to look at her again and rub my thumbs across her cheeks.

Her chest moves hard, taking labored breaths, in and out. I have so many questions but not the experience in a relationship to voice them. I could push the situation, but it wouldn’t be right for her. I pull her in one more time and kiss her lips a little longer before pulling away. “I better get going, I don’t think you’re ready yet. I’ll get a hold of you soon.”

Awkwardly, she stands, and I walk to the door, leaving her standing in her living room. I open the front door and then look back. She is standing in front of the TV, in the dark room, with her expressive eyes asking me not to go, but I have to. She doesn’t want a dirty fuck like I do.

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Alexandra Donadio
Alexandra Donadio
Jan 04, 2019

The more I read, the more I have a crush and feel sad for my Pawn.... poor little Pawn, it's not easy for him, he need to be more confident !!


Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers
Jan 04, 2019

Oh man! This chapter makes me #teampawn! He’s such a sweetheart!


Tawni Steiger
Tawni Steiger
Dec 04, 2018

I’m loving these chapters! So excited to see what happens with them!

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