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Betting on Forgiveness, Episode 1


My fucking back hurts and I swear to God that I’m happy about this baby, but the little fucker feels huge! I hold onto the Tahoe’s door to help myself slide carefully out of the car. I rub my stomach over and over with both of my hands and wonder what the sex will be and if this baby will look like Blade.

“Baby doll, you okay?” Blade’s eyes flash concern and worry. He hurries over to my side and helps me shut the door.

I’ve been a handful and a pain in his ass, I know. But, after the loss of our first baby, I’ve been extra cautious and Blade has been too. Thank God he gets my crazy. “I’m good, love. With my bladder full for the sonogram and this huge baby moving around in there, I’m about to piss my freaking pants.”

His eyes light up in response and he kisses my cheek as he takes my hand and guides us into the doctor’s office. My man is quiet and broody, but he loves me so hard. If you didn’t know him, you would see an asshole, but he shows me his love intimately. Like his eyes right now, they scream with joy, and only I can see it. Blade is mine, every broody, asshole-y piece of it I own.

He holds the door open for me and we both sit in the crammed waiting room. I pick up a Labor & Delivery magazine and begin fanning the fire away from my skin while taking deep breaths in. His hand runs across my belly just as the baby kicks and he stills. Neither one of us can understand or process the miracle that we have growing into a healthy baby.

He leans forward over the arm of my chair and peppers sweet kisses across my cheek, then down my neck while leaving his hand unmoving on my belly. We’re enjoying the feel of the tiny feet that are making a connection with us. Our baby, our love. A young woman across the waiting room smiles as she watches Blade and I. I smile back at her and continue fanning myself.

A handful of minutes later, we are finally in the sonogram room and the attractive Dr. James walks in. “Good morning, Alessia, you are looking beautiful, as always.” I chuckle when I hear Blade growling toward the doctor.

“I’m great, Dr. James, thanks for saying so.”

Blade waits in a silence until the doctor raises his eyes, finally noticing him standing at the head of the exam table. He stares ice cold promises of death toward the other man. To his credit, the doctor doesn't flinch, however, he has enough sense to nod in Blade’s direction.

“Well, let’s, uh, move this along. I really want to see my baby.” I put a stop to these two idiots and their dick measuring stare with one another.

“Right, Ms. DeRosa.”

“Johnson,” Blade growls back.

“James,” the idiot doctor replies.

I bring my hands to my forehead and try really hard not to lose my shit. Or piss myself. I have to pee like really fucking bad, it’s that motherfreaking painful.

“No, asshole, my wife, my baby. Her name is motherfucking Mrs. Johnson.” Blade tilts his head back, egging the asshole on to poke him further.

Dr. James swallows some pride and masks his expression with a professional, but sneering, arrogant smile. “My apologies, I’ve just known her, as a patient, for so long, I forget,” he shrugs.

Blade stands a little taller and opens his mouth, but, before he begins to speak, I stop him with my hand, grabbing his arm. He closes his mouth and turns his head to look at me, and the same with Dr. James.

“Look, you two don’t understand the pain I’m fucking in right now. I have to pee so fucking bad,” I warn. “I want my goddamn baby checked right the fuck now within the next minute so that I can hit the toilet like I’ve been wanting to do for the last thirty minutes since I walked my pregnant ass through the door!”

Blade nods his head and pushes a strand of hair away from my forehead, followed by him giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

“It’s just us three, love. Me and you forever, baby,” I reassure him as I lay my tired body back down, taking another deep breath in.

Blade grabs my hand and squeezes it gently with his as his thumb runs across my skin. His confirmation that he heard me. A minute later, the gown is up and over my belly and a cool gel is squirted, then the wand begins exploring. A swooshing noise fills the quiet surroundings like waves coming and going on a secluded beach.

Precious seconds tick by as I anticipate a confirmation. Dr. James zeros in and slows his hand with the movement as his face squints at the monitor, and then smiles a few minutes later. He begins explaining everything he sees.

“You see here,” he points a finger at the monitor, “This is the baby’s heart, lungs, fingers and toes. And this,” he taps at the screen, “Is his penis. Congratulations.”

Big fat tears swim in my eyes, and pictures of my dreams float back to me as I remember the little man that rocks a baby hawk.

“Baby doll,” Blade whispers into my ear, “He never left us.” Blade’s eyes smile down at me as his thumbs wipe away the last of the pain coating my cheeks. My hands hold onto his wrists and I smile back.

Dr. James grabs our attention. “There is something else you two will want to see though.”

Blade and I both stiffen and look back to the monitor as he starts to move the wand further left and starts explaining again. “If you can see this? There’s a little extra hand, and then an arm and also another penis. Congratulations, Alessia, you guys are having twin boys.”

“What! I’m having two baby boys? Are you shitting me right now? This is not a funny joke. Did Axl and Tank put you up to this?” I beg for him to tell me it is all just a bad joke.

“No, I do not know those people. But you have two healthy babies in there, Alessia. Stop at the front desk to make your next appointment,” Dr James reminds me while wiping the goo from my belly, then pulls the gown back down. Before he walks out, he hands me four printed sonogram pictures and leaves with a wink.

“Blade, holy shit, he’s not kidding, we’re having two boys!” I exclaim with pure happiness. “Which also means I’m only bigger than Dana because I’m having two and she’s having one. Oh thank God, I thought I was going to be the fat one for no reason.”

“Baby doll, I’m glad you’re happy, but let’s talk in the car?” Blade shuts me up with humor in his tone.

“Yeah, let’s get home. We have a party to plan for. And I need a bathroom, STAT.”

Blade helps me off the table with a grown even though I know he’s just as happy as I am.


“Blade!” I yell from the doorway of his room at the shop. “Why do I have a confirmation message from the doctor’s office that I now have an appointment with a Dr. Lisa Smith for? I know that I didn’t change doctors.” I glare heat at my husband, wanting to rip his handsome head off his body with my bare hands.

Blade shrugs his cut off his body and places it on a hook by the door as he continues to set up for his first client. “Vegas, don’t fucking yell in the tattoo shop, woman. I will spank your pregnant ass, I don’t give a fuck.” He turns to look at me standing by the chair and continues, “Shut. The. Door.”

My temper is even more difficult for me to manage now and I slam the door shut, causing the pictures on the wall to shake. Blade’s face ices over with a cool exterior, and I know better, but, damn it, he makes me so mad and these damn hormones make it so much worse.

“Take off your clothes, Vegas,” he calmly requests.


“Take off your clothes, Vegas, or I will do it for you. Get naked now,” Blade commands of me to remind me that I am his woman. Fuck.

Taking a calming breath in, I close my eyes and try to relax. I pull the tank from the hem up and over my body. My hands find the buttons of my shorts and then grip the elastic waistband. My eyes still won’t open because elastic waistband equals pregnant body and it makes me feel so unsexy. I kick my flip flops and push the shorts down and kick those over to the side too.

“Alessia, baby, look at me.” Blade’s soft voice calls to me, to my broken little heart.

“You’re beautiful, baby. Your body is mine, those babies are all mine. Look into my eyes, look at my dick, feel how hard it is for you.”

My eyes focus on his face and then look at his hand just in time to see that he has pulled his pants down far enough so that his dick is out. And it’s hard for me.


He runs his hand harder over the tip. “Finish, Alessia, take your clothes off for me while I enjoy it.”

I do as he asks and strip out of my bra and tug my underwear down my legs while he watches with slow strong strokes over his dick. “Put your hands on the table.”

I walk over the drawing table across from Blade and place my shaking hands on the table. “Good girl. Now part your legs, I want to see my pussy. Show me, baby doll. Show me my wet hot pussy.”

I part my legs for Blade, my Ol’ man, like he asked and I hear the chair creak and slowly sliding as he steps behind me. He runs his calloused fingers through my pussy lips and then he pumps his fingers in and out of me a few times. I moan and relax into his hypnotic touch. He pulls his fingers back out, and, quickly following, a loud smack thunders through the air.

Fire and pain race across my ass cheeks. That’s followed by another quick five slaps in succession. Blade dives his fingers back into my pussy and we both moan together.

“Fuck, baby, this pussy is wet on demand with you being pregnant.” Blade brings his other hand up and grips my tit. “These fucking tits are bigger and juicier. Their weight and feel is fucking addicting in my hands and mind.” He grips my nipple with his finger, twisting and pulling. I throw my head back and my long brunette hair cascades, drifting down to my waist.

Blade’s fingers dig into my hips as he impales my body with his dick. I gasp from the blissful pain and I rear back, begging him to give me more. He fucks my body and brings me to a new high, fuck after fuck.

“This body is mine, Alessia, and that fucker disrespected me. You hear me?” He asks as he continues to fuck me. “No fucker sees this but me, and I will not ask you for your forgiveness for taking care of it. Ever.”

(C) Scarlett Black 2018

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