Fun, gritty, naughty, and hot MC romantic suspense. Love the way this author puts words together to spin a web I can lose myself in for days. Binge-worthy books and an author that keeps touch with her many fans. Love this chick xoxo  

-Reading Group Member, Bitches Without Borders

Scarlett is an amazing author. Brilliant story lines, you felt all the emotions alongside the characters. I was hooked from the start. Highly recommend if you love MC books.

 -Reading Group Member, Bitches Without Borders

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Royal Bastards MC, Elko Chapter

River's story


I’m the VP of the Royal Bastards and I sell what every man wants—elite women at a fair price. When one of mine goes missing, I go on the hunt for her and come across another. Possession has never been a fetish of mine, but after one taste, I can’t let her go. But there’s something not right, clues that the woman I care for isn’t the woman I know at all. 



I’ve been the subject of dark and sinful desires since I was a young girl. I’m no stranger to earning cash with my skills of seduction, and I’m good at it. I enjoy it. I never planned to be a kept woman, but after one run-in with River, I can’t say no. Now, my secrets may push away the man I love, because in my experience, sharing them will be the ammo for the shot to the heart. 

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Battle Born MC, Sacramento Chapter
Snake's story

It was never a game.

She was at the wrong place at the wrong time in her life.

I had no choice but to do what I do best—play to win.

When that turned the woman, who was sweet on my tongue to bitter, I had to change my game plan to convince her that she belongs to me.

But she turned me into a prisoner, and the only way out is through her.

I’ll die before I leave this world without another taste of her on my lips.

I’m Snake, a member of the Battle Born MC, where there are no rules . . . until I broke one, betraying the woman I love.

It was never a game.

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