Fun, gritty, naughty, and hot MC romantic suspense. Love the way this author puts words together to spin a web I can lose myself in for days. Binge-worthy books and an author that keeps touch with her many fans. Love this chick xoxo  

-Reading Group Member, Bitches Without Borders

Scarlett is an amazing author. Brilliant story lines, you felt all the emotions alongside the characters. I was hooked from the start. Highly recommend if you love MC books.

 -Reading Group Member, Bitches Without Borders

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Battle Born MC Box Set


Seeking vengeance and retribution, the Battle Born MC’s mother chapter has chosen selected brothers to take over the Reno territory. The ultimate betrayal is unraveled and stakes run high while their enemies lurk in the shadows. With guidance from those that have come before them, the brothers need to lure out a sheep in wolves clothing. As the thirst for blood grows by the day, the club prepares for the hunt.


Settle in for a ride as these men take down their traitors and claiming the women who distract them. When sparks fly and desire burns hot, can love save them when truths are revealed?


Loyalty will be tested, family will be strengthened, love will be found, and alliances will be earned as blood is spilt.


Do you have what it takes? Are you Battle Born?


Twisted Fate

Battle Born MC Prequel


Alessia could only be described as an untamable wild child with a fiery passion for life. The attraction between her and Hawk sizzled from the moment they met. Feeling they could take on the world, the high school sweethearts married when they were barely more than twenty.
Six years later, reality threatens to snuff out the flames of romance.
Unspoken resentments. Lingering insecurities.
Hidden jealousy. All these elements combined in a storm cloud of emotion brewing beneath their picture-perfect facade.
But one moment of weakness leads to a secret that could rip their family apart.
When the truth comes out, can their relationship ever be repaired? Or will the love Hawk and Alessia once shared be forever burned by one tragic twist of fate?



Royal Bastards MC, Elko Chapter


They say that I am cold as ice. 

You could say that is how I got my road name or the fact that no one can get to through my thick ruthless exterior. I’ve done gruesome things. Things even the devil would be disgusted by. The demons that reside from within demand that I release them. I don’t know what it’s like to love or believe that it exists. 

I’ve seen beautiful woman; I’ve been with lots of them. But the eyes that hold the pain in hers I crave to consume. 

I want it all, her flesh and soul. I may lose everything to keep her. The devil himself couldn’t keep me away or the MC that protects her. She’s mine for better or for worse.  

Claiming His Forever title graphics blac

Claiming His Forever

Battle Born MC, Book 8



What Jazz doesn’t realize is that I laid my mark on her and claimed her to calm the beast inside... 

                       - Spider

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