Fun, gritty, naughty, and hot MC romantic suspense. Love the way this author puts words together to spin a web I can lose myself in for days. Binge-worthy books and an author that keeps touch with her many fans. Love this chick xoxo  

-Reading Group Member, Bitches Without Borders

Scarlett is an amazing author. Brilliant story lines, you felt all the emotions alongside the characters. I was hooked from the start. Highly recommend if you love MC books.

 -Reading Group Member, Bitches Without Borders

Always and Forever ebook.jpg

Always & Forever

Battle Born MC, Book 4


It started as a simple love triangle, with Tami struggling to decide between the calm nurturing Solo offered, or the hot recklessness of Pawn. But having best friends fighting over her begins to feel like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Passions run high and soon unlock one of their secrets that was better off hidden. Setting them all on a course that will alter their lives forever.

As enemies plot against the MC, can the trio put their feelings aside long enough to save one of their own?

Or will the resentment brewing between them be the spark that ignites their destruction?

Loving you Forever eBook.jpg

Loving You Forever

Battle Born MC, Book 7



She wasn’t supposed to leave me.

In fact, she promised me her heart and a forever.

That is, until she left me, and everything went dark.

I lost myself, the Road Captain, and I always know which road to take.

Not this time, not after losing her and my faith in the MC.

With only pieces of her that are left behind, the secrets begin to surface.

I’m left alone and fighting against the truth and the past

Will I find what is real and why she left me in the dark?



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